Erotica / Sexual Encounters

Nocturnal; bareback in the dark

The birdsong outside woke me up before the feel of his hard dick pressing against my back. I was briefly confused; why was there a bird calling outside in the dead of night? I lifted my head briefly to check and yes, it was still dark. The only source of light was seeping from underneath the bathroom door, the light we’d forgotten to turn off […]

Erotica / Kinks / Sexual Encounters

The Boss

“I’ve always thought your tits would be great to fuck”  His breath is hot in my ear as he whispers this; hot with North London beer, fags, and arrogance. I shouldn’t let him talk to me this way, seeing as he’s my boss (actually the boss of my boss’ boss). Even though we’re off the clock in this stifling, cramped pub at the leaving party […]


Notes On Intimacy

One day, several years ago, we had sex for the last time. We didn’t know at the time it was going to be the last: it may seem that a quickie on the sofa was an unworthy ending, but actually, that’s very us. They had walked into the room while I was lying on my stomach on the sofa, typing or reading something I can’t […]

Body Matters / Identity

Blank Space: embracing being agender

It was feminism that did it. Feminism and my own redundant reproductive organs; both some misplaced indicators of womanhood that I did not, could not, connect with. It was that feeling that other people have described before, more eloquently than me, of feeling wrong, of feeling you’re doing something wrong, acting wrong, failing at being what you appear to be. I appeared to be a […]

Erotica / Masturbation

Reflecting; sex, my mirror, and me

Hey, mirror, mirror, there on the wall, who has the prettiest cunt of all? If you don’t answer that it’s mine, while my thighs are spread before you and my pink lips are glimmering in your eye, I’ll just have to try harder. Make you look, harder. I like it when it’s just us. When I’m kneeling in front of you, my knees hard against the […]



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Eating Disorders

One Year

CW: binge eating disorder, body dysmorphia Exactly one year ago today, you decided you wanted to get better.  How you came to that decision is still a mystery to you. There was a boredom, a tiredness, of being unwell. Of binging and feeling sick and feeling shit and not being able to move without pain and crying and getting into debt and apologising to and […]

Erotica / Kinks

Birthday Cake

All I want for my birthday, is a fat load of your cum to ice my face like a cake.  I want it to slither down my cheek, cooling as it reaches the corner of my lips, so I can reach out the tip of my tongue and invite it into my mouth.  I want it to shoot from your dick and hit my forehead […]

Erotica / Masturbation

Please, can I wank about you?

Please, can I wank about you? Over you? To you? Thinking of you, and us together, and you alone? Remembering all the dirty, delicious things you’ve done to me and imagining all the sex that’s to come? Looking at all the photos and videos and messages you’ve sent to me, knowing full well what they’d make me do?  Please, can I wank watching that video […]