About Me

Pronouns: she/they

Robyn Eats Everything simply loves having things in their mouth; from nipples and genitals to scotch eggs and Wispa Golds.

They encapsulate all the very best of words beginning with P: plus-size, polyamorous, pansexual, and pleasingly pornographic.

Robyn has been writing and showing-off since they were a teenager and, having matured into a 30-something highly-sexed exhibitionist possessing very little shame, started their blog as an outlet when even their very liberal friends became too scandalised to listen to any more graphic tales about their sex life. They take enormous pride in being gloriously lewd, inclusive, and queer.

As a plus-size goddess with a profound eating disorder and body dysmorphia, Robyn writes from the perspective of a fat person who loves porn, casual sex, and dating. Their aims are to represent the realities of eating disorders, smash the stigma surrounding fat people having sex and thoroughly enjoying themselves, and promote larger bodies being seen as sexual without being fetishized.

When they’re not writing, Robyn enjoys sleeping, going on hotel mini-breaks, and titting about on the socials.