Great Aural

The other night, a guy made me soaking wet by imitating the Barnsley accent of his girlfriend. Someone growling deeply into my ear as they fuck me from behind causes delicious palpitations. I am far, far more likely to go on a date with you if you’re from Manchester or Glasgow than the Home Counties. Not enjoying phone sex or dirty talk is a swipe left, and I’m not sorry. 

I’m an auralist, an acousticophiliac; sounds get me off. Sex is never silent, even when I’m alone. It’s not uncommon for me to pass on a potential partner if they don’t have what I deem to be a ‘nice voice’ because it’s really important to me that I get intense pleasure from you saying “good girl” when I’m giving you head. 

The memory of the first time I ever have phone sex still sustains me. He was much older (welcome to my teenage years) and hailed from Suffolk and called me babygirl (enjoying being called that didn’t stick). He was in his car, I was in my childhood bedroom praying my parents weren’t in earshot. Hearing but not seeing his orgasm had me kneeling on my bed rubbing my clit with my eyes closed, never wanting the feeling to end. 

It’s not just any sounds, there are particular fixations that heighten my pleasure during sex: strong, Northern English or Scottish or Welsh accents; my own moaning; assonance; heavy breathing in my ear; swearing; the music of alt-J and Interpol; the sound of rain; being called nasty things; sucking and slurping; slow, accentuated speech; growls; the sound of my wetness when I’m being penetrated; fingers snapping; laughter; “Hmm”; hearing someone swallow hard. 

I went on a first date this week and I’m pretty desperate to see him again, because when he slid his fingers into me he moaned. He moaned with such intensity while pressing his fingertips against my G-spot that I thought I was going to pass out. That sound represented his pleasure at my pleasure, his impatience to feel my skin sheathing his dick, how good I felt to him. I have an acute need to hear him moan when he enters me for the first time. The thought right now makes me light-headed.

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  1. I loved this story. Very arousing. Maybe it’s because you desire for sounds and noises appeals to me in the same way. That desire and passion to be audibly pleasured and recognised that you’re not only desired but lusted after. Maybe it appealed to me even more as am from one of the places your naturally weakened too hearing.

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