Reflecting; sex, my mirror, and me

Hey, mirror, mirror, there on the wall, who has the prettiest cunt of all? If you don’t answer that it’s mine, while my thighs are spread before you and my pink lips are glimmering in your eye, I’ll just have to try harder. Make you look, harder.

I like it when it’s just us. When I’m kneeling in front of you, my knees hard against the wooden floorboards and my fingers opening myself up for us. I like the way you look me right in the eye before following my gaze down, lower and lower, until you’re watching my fingertips tease my clit. You’re such a fucking perv, mirror; especially when I lean back on my thighs a little and you see me fucking my own hole, my fingers getting wetter and wetter as they pump in and out. You look so pretty when I smear a finger of cum over you, to give you a little taste, but I can never resist slowly licking it off your glass. 

It makes me so hot, having this audience of one. It’s our own private show. In the morning, as the weak light leaks through the curtains, making you glow, I make sure I undress and dress as slowly as I can, to let you look. Seeing you watching makes my nipples stiffen between my fingers; they stay hard even as I put on my bra, and strain against their material confines. I can’t resist teasing you by lifting my foot up onto the nearby chair and exposing the tufts of golden hair between my legs. You’re silent in awe as I delicately stroke my bush right in front of you, a finger brushing my peeping clit now and again. Do you like it when I bend over and show you my plump arse as I pull my knickers up? Does it look good to you; bite-able, spank-able? 

I often wonder what you might be thinking late at night, as you see me side-on, lying on top of the duvet, sliding a dildo into myself. Knowing you’re watching makes my cunt clench around it even harder. I often steal a few glances at you, just to make sure you’re paying attention. If only you could hear how wet I am, but you’ll have to make do with seeing the light from my bedside reflect off the soaked silicone. Yes, I see you consuming the smoothness of my thigh, the colour of my tattoos stark against my skin, as it lifts and tremors as my orgasm nears. It’s always best when you meet my eye just as my climax hits, so you can watch it roll up my body and out of my mouth. 

Lately, you’ve been watching other people too, you slut; I’d consider you unfaithful, if it wasn’t so very fun. I bet you loved witnessing me suck his dick the other night, the back of my head sliding up and down as I took his head down my throat, just as he likes it. Did you make eye contact with him too? Did you watch together as his fingers gripped my hair and lifted my face back a little, so he could fuck it? Did you both enjoy seeing my bare cunt from behind, as my thighs melted onto the floor? Did you see his cum spill out of the corner of my mouth, as I turned back to look at you? I just wish I could have watched you watching him watching me. 

You’re present for all my intimate moments lately. It’s as though I’m never alone. You, only you, saw the look on my face as I straddled him, that beautiful boy, and realised what those feelings were. As I sat on his lap, on his dick, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck, our eyes met and you just knew. I had to bury my smug smile into his shoulder, kissing it lightly. As my pelvis undulated over his, my cunt rippled over his dick, his lips met my neck and we gasped. My fingers spread over his back, exploring every muscle, every hollow, every bone, as we melded together, and you saw it all. 

I do like involving you, so you don’t feel left out, that’s why I made them fuck me against you last time. My hands pressed against yours, our fingers spread, as they pushed my legs apart and that hard length into me. I liked the cold, dull feel of your surface as my naked tits smacked against it. When they pushed my cheek into you, it was as though we were sharing the same breath, and I watched it bloom into a fog as they fucked us, again and again. After my cunt was filled with cum, I took such pleasure in pressing myself against you, so it left a little smudge of moisture. Only we knew what a filthy little threesome that was. 

So mirror, mirror, on my bedroom wall, let’s fuck again today and you can show me how pretty it is after all.

A photo of a hard, pink nipple, reflected in a mirror.

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