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CW: body dysmorphia, eating disorders, mention of self-mutilation I’m seeing this guy I really like. I keep referring to him as Perfect Guy, because to me, he is. He is everything I’ve hoped for in a date and more (the superstitious side of me, tiny as it is, can’t bear to refer to him as a potential partner just yet). I won’t bore you with […]

Body Matters / Dating / Romance

Chemistry Lessons

CW: body dysmorphia A guy just ended things with me by saying the chemistry wasn’t right. By telling me that he had liked me more when we were messaging, than in person. I wish I could say that it was the first time someone had said that to me, that there was no “spark”, but I can’t. It’s not even the second time this year […]

Dating / Polyamory

Swiping Right: Who I Date

The continual swipe left is giving me RSI. One after the other, faces rush past, faces that don’t seize or intrigue or attract me. They appear like ghosts; fleeting and morbid. The ghosts of future bad choices, of heartbreak, of misplaced humour, and of inevitable ghosting. Each and every one makes me feel a mixture of guilt and self-disgust, with a sprinkle of hope that […]

Sexual Encounters

Summers In Pub Gardens

Nothing screams summer to me more than sitting in a sunny beer garden with a dick in my mouth. It’s my ultimate al-fresco girl dinner.  I’ll have a fruity cider and a bag of Bacon Fries, thanks, and then we’ll sit somewhere quiet and out of the way. Unless the garden is empty and it’s late, in which case fuck it, we’ll sit right in […]

Sexual Encounters

The Problem with Beautiful Men

I once fucked a beautiful man. Actually, I fucked him 4 times: twice in my bed, once in his, and once in the back of my car outside a pub (our first date).  I didn’t know bodies could be that firm, that sculpted, in real life before fucking that beautiful man. His had been honed lean by semi-pro football, PE teaching, and fucking other beautiful […]

Sexual Encounters

Cuddle Fuck

“Do you, just want to cuddle?”  Something wasn’t quite clicking tonight. The angles weren’t working for a deep fuck, there was frustration on both sides during oral, and it had hurt when he vigorously stabbed his fingers into me. Our previous sessions had been trouble-free, seamless. Last time, my thighs clamped around his face, I ground my clit down onto his tongue while my spit-wettened […]

Dating / Polyamory

My Polyamory Isn’t Weird

Recently at a party (a party where I wasn’t present, perhaps crucially) one friend told another how weird they find my relationship. Specifically weird was how I’m friends with my partner’s girlfriend*. Even more specific still, the friend found it weird how we sat next to each other, chatting and laughing, at a recent gathering for my partner’s birthday. They found it weird that we […]


The Ick

“What you up to?” There is no sentence that dries me out more than this one. It’s an instant ick. Before you asked this question, you could have been the most devastatingly, deliciously sexy person I’d ever met. I could have been panting for your touch, dripping with the anticipation of your lips meeting mine, my nipples might have hardened at the mere mention of […]

Body Matters / Dating

Do Bodies Count?

I don’t know how many people I’ve had sex with. I don’t know how many have penetrated me, how many have brought me to orgasm, how many dicks I’ve sucked. I’m not sure how many genitals I’ve seen in real life or how many have seen mine. How many flies have I zipped open with an urgent hunger?  I didn’t realise I was meant to […]


The Good, The Bad, and The Smug

I don’t fancy the guy who’s giving me head. The head is OK, the guy is OK, but I’m lying here, thighs spread, and my mind is gently drifting away. I’m not questioning why I don’t fancy him, there’s no panic or insecurity; I’m calm in my indifference. It’s like coming down in the morning and dutifully cooking breakfast, even though you’re not hungry. The […]