Audio Porn / Erotica

The Fuck That Might Have Been

Listen as audio As their laughter petered out, they glanced at their phone; it was getting late, did I want to share a cab home? I licked the back of my teeth before I answered, yes, please. Their hand found the small of my back as they guided me out the door, into the night.  Outside, the air was close but there was a shiver […]

Sexual Encounters

Cuddle Fuck

“Do you, just want to cuddle?”  Something wasn’t quite clicking tonight. The angles weren’t working for a deep fuck, there was frustration on both sides during oral, and it had hurt when he vigorously stabbed his fingers into me. Our previous sessions had been trouble-free, seamless. Last time, my thighs clamped around his face, I ground my clit down onto his tongue while my spit-wettened […]


Planning My First Orgasm of 2023

Yes, yes, New Years is a somewhat benign and meaningless measure of time passing slowly as we all contemplate our shortcomings and regrets and weight while the Earth literally burns around us and we all trudge towards an inevitable death brought about by age, avoidable disease, or poverty. But, but, I feel my first orgasm of the new year needs to be a little special.  […]