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Creative Wanking

Gripping the little leather paddle, I gave my swollen clit 10 rapid slaps. A pause for an exhale, and then 10 more, firmer this time. Opening my bedside drawer with one hand, while the paddle rested on my cunt, I reached blindly for a dildo and triumphantly pulled out the 6 inches of silicone. A couple more slaps, before I slid the dildo into my […]


Planning My First Orgasm of 2023

Yes, yes, New Years is a somewhat benign and meaningless measure of time passing slowly as we all contemplate our shortcomings and regrets and weight while the Earth literally burns around us and we all trudge towards an inevitable death brought about by age, avoidable disease, or poverty. But, but, I feel my first orgasm of the new year needs to be a little special.  […]

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The Switch

Listen as audio I like it when an old fuck gets back in touch. They must have been reminiscing about me, my body, maybe what I can do with my mouth. They must have been feeling horny, feeling excited, feeling perhaps a little desperate. The first time round must have been good enough to merit a sequel, hopefully. Knowing someone is thinking about me that […]