I don’t just long for you; I yearn. I am restless, I am desperate, I am undone, all while reading the novel of you inside my mind. Every turn of the page sets every inch of me on fire for you. Saying I am horny cheapens it all; my desire for you is richer than a Queen, my slick cunt wetter than the Nile. I am incessant in my longing for you and yours; your lips, your gaze, your touch, your length.  

I don’t just want you to look at me; I want you to look at me so intently you commit the constellations of my moles to memory by accident. I want you to mine my flesh with your eyes. I want you to learn the exact shade of pink my nipples blush when they stiffen. I want you to see my pupils dilate as I see all of you. I want you to imagine you can look right through my layers, so you can watch yourself fill me. 

I don’t just want you to kiss me; I want you to kiss me so forcefully your breath inflates my lungs and I exhale you. I want you to absorb every tiny drop of moisture from my lips with yours. I want your tongue to learn the choreography of mine. I want you to moan into me as our mouths slow to a breathless pause. I want you to impart all of your longing for me through your kiss. 

I don’t just want you to touch me; I want you to touch me so fervently you pattern my skin with your fingerprints. I want you to burn into me. I want you to grip my thighs so tightly your thumbs melt into my flesh. I want your fingers to explore the very core of me in search of my pleasure. I want your hands to memorise the shape of my breasts. I want you to hold me as though you never want to let me go. 

I don’t just want you to lick me; I want you to lick me so earnestly I can’t discern where your flesh ends and mine begins. I want you to sate your thirst using the beads of moisture on my clit. I want your tongue to slicken me from hole to hole. I want you to taste the most tender parts of me and become dizzy for more. I want you to push me over the edge of the cliff and watch me as I fly. 

I don’t just want you to fuck me; I want you to fuck me so impatiently the very source of my cunt bears your name. I want you to make every inch of my body shake through the sheer force of your lust. I want your body to meld into mine, over and over and over. I want you to cry my name as you cry deep inside me. I want you to swim into my rising tide. 

I don’t just want to have sex with you; I want you to sweep away my yearning with your whole self. I want you. 

A photo of a feminine body crawling through the undergrowth from behind, their bum the focus.

Image taken by the sublime Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

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